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Fun Facts about the Mexican Wedding Cake!


…did you know

The Mexican Wedding Cake, is not a cake at all, but it’s a cookie!

Perhaps you’re more familiar with its other names like: The Christmas Cookie, Snowball,

Italian Wedding Cookie and the Russian Tea Cake—to name a few, but all are just new names for an old cookie. Their name in Spanish is Polovorones.

 Historians can’t agree on where the “name” originated from, but, some have speculated the recipes either derived from other Eastern European shortbread cookies, that they may have migrated to Mexico with European nuns, or may have been associated with cookies served beside Russian Samovars, which were a popular dish at noble Russian tea ceremonies in the 1800s.

Although they have a rich heritage, the name itself is relatively new, and was first included in American cookbooks in the early 1950s; which was a time of increased appetite in the U.S. for Mexican foods; and one of the many cultures contributing to the American palate. 

The grand cake table is the focus of attention at weddings, and the little “Mexican Wedding cake" cookie is always included—naturally. They're very popular and can be found in most Mexican bakeries.

YUMMY! Mexican Wedding Cakes are like NONE other—here, near or far. 

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