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Hear Ye' Hear Ye'

The best Mexican wedding cake cookies I've ever had. so buttery and melt in your mouth delicious. I'm almost embarrassed to say I ate them all in one sitting. I'll be ordering a bigger bag next time!
Ebony I.  Indianapolis, IN
Tried the cookies and totally fell in love with. I have not found that taste in a Mexican wedding cookie anywhere.
Lasalle, M.  Indianapolis, IN
OMG! These cookies are heavenly! So delicious, you can taste the butter and the pecans and they just melt in your mouth. A guilty pleasure, but so worth it!!
Patsy N.  Indianapolis, IN
I LOVE THESE MEXICAN WEDDING CAKE COOKIES!!! I purchased my cookies at the Fishers Farmers Market after I had one sample and immediately bought a bag. Now I have an empty bag wishing I purchased more! The taste is amazing and the cookies melt in your mouth!! I will be ordering more and I will not be sharing!!! LOL!!
Sherese M.  Indianapolis, IN
Are you wanting a delicious taste explosion?
Well if you eat these cookies they will TAKE YOU THERE and then some!
I met my first cookie at the Indiana Black Farmers Co-Op Far Eastside Market last month (October 2019). I had a sample and before I even savored the last bite I went to get my wallet. I have since bought more and then took some to my special someone - who asked does she mail them (YES). So if you are pondering whether you should indulge or not the answer is ABSOLUTELY - I purchased 3 bags today - I will be back next week - and her personality is sweet like honey - it's refreshing to know that kind people still exist in 2019 :).
Photo of YUMMY! - Indianapolis, IN, United States. More than satisfied!
Jasmine D
Garfield Heights, United States
One of my favorite childhood memory, Mexican wedding cookies.... I am so glad I found Yummy!!! They are so buttery just amazing! it takes me back when I'm sitting at my great grandmother's house and we're sharing cookies and good times... it's amazing what a delicious cookie can bring back great memories of family thank you YUMMY!
Photo of Nakia L. Nakia L.  Indianapolis, IN
The cookies are amazing!! I hate nuts in cookies, but these were different.
I would recommend this cookie to anyone!

Photo of Erika B.Erika B.  Indianapolis, IN